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Conceiving the Synapses Project

In every artistic movement you can read about how the creatives of the time gravitated toward each other. Painters, writers, filmmakers, actors, etc. They found a way to use one another to drive their own art forward, to keep momentum alive. It's been something that I have looked for in my own pursuit of improvement but found lacking. Then I thought about the actual, literal size of my birth place and its people and I decided there was no excuse for our lack of connection - and so I have decided to make my own. This project will endeavour to create a bridge or juncture between the best and brightest from my island home of Bermuda.

Here's how it works, I will be photographing artist, academics and thinkers - sitting them down for a portrait session and engaging them in conversation. Conversation about art, life, the world, growing up in Bermuda and their futures. Then I will post it all here - as a living, breathing brain trust or time capsule. A place where we can all exist together. The idea is that each person I meet will then lead me to the next person, someone they admire or are a fan of. Hopefully it will go on and on.

Karli Jai